Friday, 21 August 2015

DAY 5: Multimedia Journalism at Unionville

Presentation Day!

Hello campers and parents! Today was the last day of Multimedia Journalism AND camp for the ENTIRE summer! We started the day off with some songs and dance led by counsellor, John. Afterwards, campers got to learn more about iMovie application and the green screen. We then began our practices for our final broadcast! It was a great day full of learning and playing!

We really enjoyed working with the campers this week and had an amazing final day at the camps. Thank you campers for being SO great today. Please find the final video below and we hope you enjoy!!

Have a great rest of the summer and school year!

Day 5: Super hero Training and Get Ready for Kindergarten at Angus Glen

Super hero Training:
For the last day of camp, the campers got to dress up as a super hero! They got to make their own super hero masks as either the Flash, Batman, Spiderman, Butterfly girl or they could even make one up themselves! Luckily we had great timing and got to go outside when it wasn't raining! We are happy to say that ALL of our campers are now certified super heroes!!!

Awesome masks!

Get Ready for Kindergarten:
Today was all about shapes and numbers! They received a worksheet with shapes that they had to colour specific colours. For numbers, they had to trace letters in order to write the specific number that was written. The campers also got to make images with shapes! They even got to go outside because it didn't rain!

Shape art!

Day 4: Super hero Training and Get Ready for Kindergarten at Angus Glen

Super hero Training:
Today we read many super hero books. We even gave the campers pre made booklets and they got to write their very own super hero books! To give them their super powers, the campers made their own super hero bracelets. They put different colours of beads on a string, each colour having a different power, and wore them on their wrists as their super power bracelets. Tomorrow, the campers get to dress up as a super hero!!

Get Ready for Kindergarten:
Today we read the campers a story that had farm animal sounds and sang "Old MacDonald had a Farm" in order for them to learn farm animal sounds! The campers traced the alphabet on images that started with the correct letter (ie. H for house). We had a special surprise for the campers today... Firefighters came to visit!!! They got to learn all about the fire truck and even got to go inside!

 Learning about the parts of the truck
Trying on one of their jackets!

Day #4 of Imagination in Motion at Markham Village

Today was a very exciting day at Imagination in Motion! Campers started off the day by making their very own lego city! As a class, we came up with all the different things needed in a city like grocery stores, schools, libraries, and doctors offices! Then each camper picked which part of the city to make and at the end we put it all together to bring the separate pieces into one big lego city!

It was a rainy day outside so instead of playing at the park, campers went into the library and had sometime to play and read books in the children's section! Campers also had time today to build their inventions with recyclable items to show during their presentations on Friday!

Another activity done today was "Out of this world" where campers designed their own imaginary planet and filled in different sections talking about what life is like on their planet!

Lego city!

One of our awesome inventions!

Day 3: Super hero Training and Get Ready for Kindergarten at Angus Glen

Super hero Training:
Today was all about colours! The campers got colour by number sheets, a Superman one and a minion one. On the Superman sheet, there were multiple Superman symbols but each had a different number in order to make many colourful Superman symbols! The minion sheet had MANY squares of numbers. Each number was to be coloured a different colour until a minion showed up on the page!

Superman colour by number!

Get Ready for Kindergarten:
Today was all about colours! We read the book: Rainbow Fish with the campers and then had them make their own rainbow fish craft! We gave them paper plates that had already been cut out into a large fish and they got to colour them as colourful as they wanted. We then had colour worksheets where they traced letters in order to create the spelling of a colour. They got to pick two colours from the rainbow to write on pieces of paper and put into their special envelops. Luckily the campers got to go outside today!

 Rainbow fish craft!
Time to play outside!

Day 2: Super hero Training and Get Ready for Kindergarten at Angus Glen

Super hero Training:
Today the campers got to create their very own super hero poster! They had to pick a super hero name for themselves and cut out either super hero or princess letters to create their name. They then got to draw themselves in their super suits! Once they finished that, we traced them on large poster paper for them to create their own sidekick! To end off the morning, the campers completed a mission in their super hero mission booklets!

Creating a sidekick!

Get Ready for Kindergarten:Today the campers listened to the story called: The Hungry Caterpillar. Seeing as this story has to do with the days of the week, we then had them do an activity  where they had to trace the letters to write the days of the week. Afterwards, the campers got to make their own caterpillar! To end the day, the campers wrote words that they learned today on blank pieces of paper and put them in their special envelops. These words are: caterpillar, Friday, Tuesday and Sunday.

Caterpillar craft!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Day 4: Multimedia Journalism at Unionville

Our penultimate day at Multimedia Journalism was super awesome! In the morning, we learned about her to write a proper article, complete with a headline, quote, picture, body of the article, and opinion section. Campers learned that they can transfer their article into a digital copy by using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher. Before lunch, campers were working on the script for their broadcast segment, which they practiced after lunch. Some campers' segments will be filmed, while some will be live during the presentations. Just before home time, campers relaxed after a busy day with a fun game of Mafia. 

REMINDER that tomorrow is pizza day for campers who've signed up, and we have our broadcast presentation at 3pm... We can't wait to see you all then!! :)